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Moraine Farm Wedding - 16 helpful tips to make your wedding day run smoothly


For this post, I thought I’d use this MORAINE FARM wedding in Beverly, MA as a backdrop to share some day-of tips to help make your wedding day run smoothly so you can relax (and have your photos look even more awesome!):

  1. Get ready at your venue. This cuts back on time for transit, and reduces the chances for things running late because of traffic, people getting lost, etc. The less movin, the more chillin.

  2. Be clear with your hair and makeup artists about start and finish time- usually they should be finishing up by the time the photographer plans to arrive. If they run late, it will most-likely end up cutting into your portrait time.

  3. If you’re planning on wearing a bowtie, learn how to tie it before your wedding day. You’d be surprised how complicated it is, and it’s not worth the stress!

  4. Put together a ziplock/tote bag with all the details you want photographed and have it ready to go when your photographer (hopefully me!) gets there: invitation suite, rings, special jewelry, accessories, extra flowers from the bouquet.

  5. Pack a fashion emergency kit: bobby pins, safety pins, bandaids, Tide stick, fashion tape, extra makeup for touch ups, a mini comb & hairspray, and maybe even a pocket knife (this comes up a lot, surprisingly!)

  6. If you have long hair- pull it back, or secure it. If it happens to be windy or a little misty out (curly-hair girls do you feel me?!) you don’t want to be worrying about your hair getting tangled or frizzy. Hairspray and braids/updos are your friends.

  7. If you’re thinking of adventuring off in the woods, or walking around a lot, consider a dress with a shorter train (or no train at all). It can be awesome for those glam shots, but consider how much effort will go into carrying it around all day, and it potentially holding you back from being able to climb rocks or pull those killer moves on the dance floor.

  8. Consider a first look with your partner so you can take your time with portraits before the ceremony, and not feel rushed to finish them during cocktail and miss out on all the snacks & socializing!

  9. Fine-tune your timeline with your planner/coordinator and photographer beforehand (including portrait combos you want- I always do this!) to make sure you don’t have to make any decisions the day of, and can just relax and enjoy the party!

  10. Share your timeline with your wedding party and family so they know when to be ready, and where photos will be taking place!


  12. Dry off the bouquets before holding them for photos- they’re usually sitting in water, and it can potentially drip on your outfit and create water stains that’ll show in photos.

  13. Have a solid rain plan if your wedding ceremony is planned for outside. Many venues have an indoor option, but make sure it can comfortably accommodate the size of your group. Many times the venue can even flip the reception space (whether it be a tent or ballroom) during cocktail hour if necessary.

  14. Have your vendors eat when the rest of the guests are eating! It sounds selfish for me to say, but it honestly makes the most sense! A lot of the time, vendors are served once everyone else is served. But it’s such a bummer once everyone’s done eating, and they’re waiting for the band to finish eating to start dancing. Plus, there’s not much to photograph when people are eating so I always feel like I’m useless during that time. Candids while people are eating ain’t that cute.

  15. Make sure you pack some back-up comfy shoes to change into during the reception. You don’t want your shoes to be holding your back from breaking it down on the dance floor!

  16. STAY PRESENT! Seriously, don’t sweat the small stuff, and enjoy the time you have with the people you love the most- it goes by so quick!