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Misselwood Wedding - 5 reasons to do a first look

Misselwood at Endicott College Beverly, Massachusetts Wedding summertime

To do a first look or not do a first look... that is the question. This lovely couple who had their wedding at MISSELWOOD in Beverly are the perfect example of why I am TEAM FIRST LOOK. Here’s why:

  1. It can end up being the only time you have alone with your partner all day. (Sure, I’m there but you’ll forget all about me when you see your love coming toward you looking fly AF!) For a lot of my couples, it actually winds up being their favorite part of the day. It gets you both to calm down after the nerves of the morning, and you get a chance to breathe and enjoy each other's company before the ceremony. 

  2. Another thing to think about- if the first time you see each other on your wedding day is while you're walking down the aisle, it can be really overwhelming! There’s so many emotions happening all at once- you're not only seeing your significant other for the first time, but also all of your friends and family. I'm a crier, and I know I would be an absolute mess!

  3. You can use your “first look” time to explore another location away from your venue, switching up the backdrop for your photos. This Misselwood bride actually grew up going to a beach about 10 minutes down the road from the venue. She got ready at her parent’s place, while the groom got ready at an Airbnb in town, and they met at the beach for their first look. Then we took a trolley with the whole bridal party to a dock nearby for some group shots, and then head back to the venue.

  4. If you're hesitating for superstitious reasons, I have to say that is de-BUNKED. I have tons of proof of beautiful, intimate portraits of couples who are still happily married to this day! Plus, the basis of the superstition behind seeing each other before the wedding ceremony has some weird sexist history. Back in the olden days when marriages were arranged, parents strategically planned to not let the groom see the bride until the very last minute, in case he didn’t find her attractive!! Also the purpose of the veil… He couldn’t back out if she was already down the aisle! Who wants to keep THAT tradition alive??

  5. MOST IMPORTANTLY- You get to be present & socialize (and partake in all the snacks & booze) during cocktail hour! If you don’t do a first look, you can’t do any group shots with the 2 of you in it until after the ceremony- which is usually when cocktail hour is happening. You don’t want FOMO at your own wedding!