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Bourne Farm Wedding - 5 things to consider when choosing the perfect wedding dress


It seems impossible to decide on a wedding dress these days- there’s just SO many options to choose from! So I wanted to share some insider tips I’ve learned from brides, using this BOURNE FARM wedding on Cape Cod as a backdrop, in order to help you narrow it down, and find the right dress will make you feel 100% on your wedding day:

  1. Does it have straps? Strapless dresses may be super trendy, but you’ve got to make sure it fits you right and you feel comfortable. When you’re at your fitting, walk around in it a bit and see if it falls down at all. You don’t want it too tight, but you don’t want it gradually loosening throughout the day and have to keep pulling it up either. Maybe have them hem it just a little higher than they normally would to account for this, and prevent you from tripping on it, or having trouble walking.

  2. Do you care about it getting dirty? If you’re getting married or doing photos outside (trust me I’m taking you out in the dead of winter, and sometimes even in the rain) you’ve got to be prepared for it getting a little dirty around the edges. I mean it’s a white dress, literally it’s an stain waiting to happen (hence, why my wedding dress was yellow!) Tide sticks are always handy, but getting your mind off your dress looking perfect will help you breathe easier and focus on what’s important- having FUN. You’re only wearing it once anyway, what have you got to lose??

  3. Do you have to buy it new? Or can you buy it used and save the money for something (anything) else? Longer honeymoon, more wedding guests, 10 piece band?

  4. Is it easy to walk in/bustle? Sure, it might be worth it for the epic train photos, but consider that you will end up having to carry it around for a good part of the day (or have a team help you) which can potentially hold you back from being in the moment. If you do go with a train, make sure you have a way to bustle it, and that the bustle secures well. Also, make sure that you actually like how it looks because it will most-likely be bustled after the ceremony, and stay that way for the rest of the night.

  5. Can you dance in it? Does it stand up to even your craziest dance moves, without restricting your movement or causing a wardrobe malfunction? Pro tip: Some folks even bring another short, more comfortable cocktail dress they change into for the reception.