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Brattle Book Shop Couple's Session - Yuta & I


I’d been bugging Yuta to do a photoshoot forever… ironically, both being photographers, we don’t have a lot of photos together. We’re both mad awkward (as you can see) but he is ILLOGICALLY terrified of the camera, so it’s like pulling teeth getting him in a photo. It’s a bummer! This is what I do for a living- giving beautiful images to couples that represent their love, and here I am not even having any of my own. But finally he gave in, realizing how important it was to me. Here are some of my favorites from our session with my incredibly talented colleague, RILEY WEST PHOTO.

We spent our day off with Riley doing some of our favorites things: walking around the city, antiquing, checking out old books, and grabbing coffee at a cafe.

We started off at CAMBRIDGE ANTIQUE MARKET, one of the biggest around. There’s 5 floors chock full of random stuff, so we had a lot of fun roaming around there being goofy & ridiculous.

Then we drove over to one of our favorite spot in Boston: BRATTLE BOOK SHOP. I found out about it during college, as a place to find cheap books to use as reference material for art projects. It has tons of used & rare books, and an extensive photography book section that Yuta & I can get lost in for hours. They have a cool outdoor space with shelves of books built into the brick wall exterior, and the light there is so dreamy in the late afternoon! Any other nerds out there, hit me up if you want to do a shoot there!

After that, we walked around the corner to EXPLORATEUR cafe and got some moody shoots by the window.

I can’t wait to do something like it again! Hopefully it convinced Yuta that yes, we can be cute too, and he’ll be onboard next time. ;)