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Wingaersheek Beach, Gloucester Engagement - Christina & Reed


Christina and Reed met in 7th grade and both had crushes on each other. In true middle-school fashion, Reed asked her out in the cafeteria during lunch break, and their first date was a group date to the movies to see The Incredibles! Christina thought she was being cute by interrupting and giggling with Reed throughout the whole movie. She admits she was a bad first date at 12 years old, but it worked on Reed! And here we are over a decade later, and their friends and family won’t stop bothering them about when they’re planning on getting married.

Reed knew there was a lot at stake for this proposal, so he came up with a scheme. One lazy Sunday afternoon, he suggested to Christina that they take a trip down memory lane and stop by their old school. The cafeteria was *conveniently* open and there happened to be a photographer there for what Christina thought was going to be an alumni interview between Reed and the principal, and she was just tagging along. Little did she know, Reed was about to get down on one knee and ask her to marry him at the spot where it all began 14 years ago. Their friends and family were back at Christina's house waiting to celebrate the best news ever. It was more magical (and blurry) than she could've ever imagined.

For their engagement session, they knew they wanted a beachy spot where there was also some greenery nearby. I knew WINGAERSHEEK BEACH in Gloucester would be the perfect place to take them! There’s several beach access paths with sea grass, dunes, and this beautiful pine tree we came across. Luckily it was also low tide, so we were able to walk out to the flat rocks and climb up to get some cool perspective shots.

Ironically, the last time I shot at Wingaersheek was for an elopement in the middle of April, and the bride was SO COLD. This time around it ended up being one of the hottest days of the year, with a heat index of 107 degrees and a heat warning across most of the eastern part of the state. Earlier that day I hit up Christina to warn her to see if they’d want to reschedule, and she said- let’s do it! I’m so glad we did because the light was so perfect, and everything came together magically.

Of course since it was such a hot day, the beach was really crowded- even at sunset. I kept thinking, don’t you people need to go home and eat dinner?? But we worked around the crowd, and made it look like we had the whole place to ourselves! Not to mention the black flies were in full swing, so we were getting eaten alive the whole time. But Christina and Reed were SUCH good sports about it, and I think they would agree the photos were worth a couple welts.

The two of them obviously have had years of practice cuddling, and know how their bodies fit together, so they really didn’t need much direction as for as posing. I told them, just be silly, make each other laugh, and the photos will come. Case in point- the photo above is Christina’s favorite: the butt-grab (which is always encouraged.) This is precisely why I love un-posed, candid shots. They end up being the most authentic, and the most you, which is my whole goal of being a portrait photographer!

So excited for these two to *finally* tie the knot next June in Boston at ALDEN CASTLE!