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Boston Engagement, World's End Hingham - ERICA & CHRIS


For Erica and Chris, family is the most important thing. Growing up in Irish and Italian households, both come from large families, which I'm sure plays into the fact that they are SUPER friendly and easy to get along with. When I first met up with Erica in a coffee shop (Forge in Somerville- you gotta go!) to go over wedding plans, she made it clear that her daughter Ellie was going to be the star of the show, and that it was key for me to document their wedding day revolving around the story of their families coming together.

When we were deciding where to shoot their engagement session, I asked where they lived so we could maybe meet halfway. When Erica told me they live in Weymouth, I knew EXACTLY where to go. I'd been dying to do an engagement session on the South Shore at World's End in Hingham, and they only lived a short drive away!

Yuta and I go to World's End often to walk around, and just enjoy being outside for the day. It's only about an hour drive from Boston, and it has everything you need to feel connected to nature- open fields of grass, wide tree-lined paths, marshes with reeds, wooded areas with stomped-out foot paths, the ocean front lined with New England homes. It doesn't take long to realize why it's such a great backdrop for photos!

On the day of Erica & Chris's engagement session, it started drizzling on my drive down from Boston, and I thought, "Man, what a bummer. We may need to reschedule..." But as soon as I pulled up, Erica and Chris greeted me warmly. They were so easy-going that even though Erica had just gotten her hair blown out for the shoot, they were still game for anything! I love it when my clients aren't afraid to get a little down and dirty- that's when the fun stuff comes out. We dug an umbrella out of their trunk and off we went into the wooded trail.

Fortunately the rain didn't end up lasting long at all! But right off the bat they both shared with me that they felt pretty awkward in front of the camera (who doesn't?!) I reassured them that all they had to do was be into each other, ignore me, and the photos would take themselves. They've been together for a LONG time, and as a photographer, those couples can be the hardest eggs to crack. They've known each other for so long that they've seen it all, and they maybe feel more like friends or partners than lovers. But with some encouragement, I got them to bring out the intimacy. ;)

I had so much fun with Erica and Chris and I can't wait for their wedding next month- I have a feeling it's going to be quite a party!