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Willowdale Estate Wedding


WILLOWDALE ESTATE in Topsfield is my absolute favorite wedding venue in Massachusetts, and here’s why:

  1. When you’re perusing Pinterest and every wedding starts to look the same, it’s hard to find a space that’s unique and doesn’t just seem like a turn-em & burn-em wedding factory. But Willowdale it different. I’ve shot about 15 weddings there, and every single one has been different. Depending on the season, and how the weather decides to cooperate (or not) they have so many options and a very versatile space (and not to mention extremely talented event designers) - you can rest assured it will be beautiful even if you have to stay inside all day.

  2. The building itself was commissioned in 1901, and the architect drew inspiration from Scottish castles & medieval art. There’s so many eclectic details- the stained glass, stonework, tile floors, vaulted ceilings- it’s a photographer’s paradise! And from a guest’s perspective, it’s such a fun place to explore and pretend like you’re royalty for the day.

  3. The estate is situated in the middle of WILLOWDALE STATE FOREST, so you don’t have to go far at all to find natural secluded scenery to catch some fresh air and use as a perfect backdrop for portraits.

  4. They have the most beautiful on-site tent of any wedding venue I’ve shot at. PERIOD. It’s a SPERRY SAILCLOTH TENT, so it’s slightly translucent, which is super helpful for photographing wedding receptions- the more light the better! It also has sturdy wooden poles and bistro lights that add a cozy vibe. They keep it up May through October, and have the ability to heat it so you can still have that summer-wedding-feel even in the middle of fall.

  5. The service is incredible- from the event coordinators to the waitstaff. They’re all such a pleasure to work with, and really make you feel at home.

  6. The food is BOMB. Seriously, I’ve tried a LOT of wedding food and I can’t think of any other place that serves 100+ people without compromising quality. Pro tips: you can’t leave without trying their fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies at the end of the night!



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