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Boston Wedding, Alden Castle- Sophie & Drew


I first met Sophie and Drew at the Hawthorne (love that place!) under the Hotel Commonwealth for cocktails, and we clicked right away. They are such a easy-going couple, and were a pleasure to work with. They are super low-key, so their main concerns with wedding photography were getting candid shots, keeping family photos brief, and getting to the party ASAP. I could totally get down with that. Candids are a big part of my process, as I love catching people's genuine emotions off-guard. I like to think I'm pretty stealthy with my camera, too ;) Of course I also grab couples or groups that are mingling during cocktail hour for a quick portrait together with them looking at the camera, but I think a mix of posed shots and candids is best to tell the whole story of the day.

A little back-story: Sophie and Drew actually went to the same high school but they missed each other by a couple years- their families were even somewhat friendly when they were growing up. Years later, and they literally end up running into each other on the streets of Boston. Talk about destiny! Sophie is in the middle of getting her law degree from BU, and Drew is working on his MBA from Northeastern. In their free time Sophie rides horses and Drew plays basketball (he actually had a black eye that first time we met from a game the night before!) I'm so happy to have met these guys, and honored that they trusted me to capture their special day.

As you'll see, these two are drop-dead gorgeous, but ironically they are a little camera shy. (Even Sophie's dad called me weeks before to "warn" me!) I definitely know how awkward it can be in front of the camera, which is why I have tons of tricks up my sleeve in case a couple freezes in front of me and has no idea what to do. (That "...but what do I do with my hands??!! moment.) Most of the time I just tell people to interact- get close, maybe sniff each other, and try to make each other laugh. I think the best photos are when the couple forgets I'm there and I am able to document them in their natural, casual state. Despite the assumptions, these guys totally killed their portrait session and they were able to join their reception without a moment lost. 

Sophie's and Drew's wedding day couldn't have gone more smoothly, or been more chill (literally!) Alden Castle is the perfect spot for a winter wedding. Everything about it- the dark wood, large windows, and whimsical chandeliers make the perfect setting for a cozy, intimate gathering. Amanda, the event specialist and her team at Alden Castle made everything flow seamlessly from ceremony, to cocktail hour, to reception. 

One drawback of a winter wedding, though, can be the lack of daylight. The sun set at 4:17pm on December 30th, and I knew right off the bat we needed to bang out some bridal party portraits if we wanted any natural light, which in my opinion is the most flattering. We had gotten a good amount of snow earlier that week, but the ground was relatively dry and I was hopeful that we'd be able to pull it off. As soon as I arrived it started snowing (of course!), and I immediately found the ladies and told them we had a couple more minutes of daylight to grab some portraits outside if they were game... I crossed my fingers, and Olivia (Sophie's sister and Maid of Honor) stepped in- "We're doing it!" They grabbed their shawls (and I grabbed my big puffy coat) and we went off into the snow! They were such good sports standing outside, and they claimed their shawls actually worked pretty well at keeping them warm! I think they'll agree with me that it was well worth it. :)

I'm so excited for the life that these guys will create together. Cheers!