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Brooklyn, New York City Engagement - Adriana & Andy


So backstory: I had the pleasure of shooting Adriana & Andy's engagement session this past summer when they were visiting Boston >>> Check out the blog post from that session HERE.

Fast forward to winter, and they found out I was in New York City for the weekend, so they hit me up to do another quick portrait session in Brooklyn with them! I was so stoked to work with them again- these two are so adorable and natural in front of the camera. I had a bunch of ideas for portrait spots walking around the streets in Dumbo, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and the Williamsburg Bridge. Fun fact: Despite the iconic facade of the Brooklyn Bridge, I actually find the Williamsburg Bridge to be a way cooler spot to shoot- it has really interesting perspective lines, it's painted pink and blue (who doesn't love a little color?), and most-importantly it's way less crowded with tourists. Ironically though, that day we did NOT have to worry about crowds because it was EXTREMELY cold and windy.

On my way to meet up with them, I was starting to get bummed that we wouldn't be able to do much shooting outside because we would actually be putting ourselves in danger being in the bitter cold for too long. It took a level of bravery and creativity, but we improvised and I am so so excited about the results! In some crazy way, the fact that it was cold actually worked to our advantage- Adriana & Andy had no choice but to huddle together for warmth, which made for some super cute intimate portraits. And we did end up venturing to the bridge for a whole 2 minutes! So worth it! When we couldn't stand it anymore we ran inside a coffee shop to warm up and try to figure out where to go next.

Then Andy had the most brilliant idea: the two of them love to read, so why don't we head over to their favorite bookstore in Manhattan and shoot INSIDE! Now, if you haven't been to the Strand Book Store you need to plan a trip soon- and maybe reevaluate your life. There are literally miles of books, and 3 floors to get lost on. I could literally live there. It was so fun to shoot there, too! It's usually a mob-scene on the first floor, so we went down to the basement and hung out amongst the bookshelves. We even found a little bit of serendipity in a small wall mural that read, "Start with doubt, end with certainty." While in context it was obviously referring to learning something new from a book, it was also a perfect metaphor for relationships- especially those that result in marriage. ;) Don't tell, but a lot of the more *steamy* shots were actually taken in the theology section- oops!

It was such a fun experience, and just goes to show that no matter the weather, you can come away with awesome portraits AND have fun doing it! 

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