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Boston Seaport Proposal - Jenna & Bobby


When Bobby reached out to tell me he was proposing to his then-girlfriend Jenna in the private screening theater at the ICA in Boston I was beyond pumped! He was extra careful with the details, making sure everything was sure to go exactly as planned. (He's a lawyer, so you know he's got to be detail-oriented ;D) He created custom signs and set them at the front row of the theater, while I hid behind a row of seats. He had scheduled a private tour weeks in advance for him and Jenna to take (of course!), and when they reached the bottom of the stairs and Jenna turned to see the signs, the look on their faces was priceless: Jenna's was sheer shock, and Bobby's was sweet relief.

I'm so excited for these two, and I wish them the best of luck getting hitched!