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Boston Engagement, Arnold Arboretum - MADELINE & ALEX


I first met Madeline & Alex at Loyal 9 in Inman Square, where we chatted over tea on the patio and got to know each other a little bit (side note: you HAVE to try their pastries). Anyway, they are so cute, sweet, and easy-going I had total friend crushes on them by the end of our meeting. They both are total smarty-pants, having met at Yale in undergrad, and Madeline is currently studying at MIT. They are also both very much committed to each other- they dated long distance while Alex lived in NY for several years. And they seem to balance each other perfectly- Madeline being a little more reserved and laid-back, and Alex being the more chatty, type-A one. I like to think of myself as being somewhere in between, so I have an appreciation for both vibes.

It was their idea to go to the Arboretum for their engagement shoot, and I was pretty selfishly excited. It's a very special place for me- I actually got married there. (Check out my ABOUT ME page for more info on that.) Not only are there countless backdrops at the Arboretum, but it also looks completely different depending on the season, time of day, and the weather conditions at that particular moment. For that reason, despite the fact that I've been there countless times, I feel like I can always find something new.

For scheduling reasons we ended up having to do a sunrise session. Since it was late-October, we were getting to the tail end of the season to be able to shoot so early in the morning, considering that it's starting to get pretty chilly. Turned out we couldn't have chosen a better time to be there. Not only were the leaves beginning to change and the light was perfect, but Alex made a good point that by trying to keep Madeline warm, it actually made for super sweet intimate portraits of them cozying up to each other! They were a little nervous in front of the camera at first, but who isn't?! When I told them to focus on each other, they warmed up to the idea (literally!) They even mentioned after the shoot that at first the camera shutter had sounded so loud and they were hyper-aware of it, but by the end they were so relaxed they didn't even notice it! It's so amazing to see that transformation, and I think it really shows in the photos. I can't wait to hang out with these guys again at their wedding next May! 

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