NYC Wedding Photographer - Bailey Quinlan


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New York Wedding - Nikki & Corey


Nikki & Corey have been together for about a decade, so people think of them as a unit *NikkiandCorey* rather than individually. They are very involved in their church and decided to have their ceremony there, married by their pastor and close friend, surrounded by family and their tight-knit group of friends. There were no windows in the ceremony space, but there was a very striking architectural ceiling with exposed beams and bare lightbulbs, which made for an industrial, classic look. I absolutely loved how the space photographed in black and white.

As I mention to my clients during our meetings, when planning your timeline it's important to build in extra buffer time throughout the day, considering that more often that not things run late. But in some instances, like Corey & Nikki's, what do you do if your ceremony runs almost an hour late!? That's when you improvise. We had planned on driving to a separate location for portraits, but if we followed the plan we'd be late to the reception. Thankfully there were these beautiful giant cherry blossom trees right outside in the parking lot of the church that served as the perfect backdrop for portraits! One of the groomsmen even found a building close-by that was under construction which made for another cool portrait spot. Another thing I always tell my clients- somehow or another, it ALWAYS works out in the end.

We made it just in time to the reception venue, which was the restaurant where they had their first date! We used the entryway as another portrait location, and Corey gave Nikki a foot rub before they hit the dance floor for the rest of the night.

These guys were so much fun to work with, and I am so excited for them to move in together and start this new chapter in their lives!


"Working with Bailey was a pleasure!


She found a way to be a calm voice during my very hectic morning/afternoon wedding and took initiative to make sure all the shots I had requested were completed. My own mother won't stop talking about how positive and polite she was towards all of my guests as well. My pictures came out beautifully and I have no regrets booking such an amazing talent."

- Niksha & Corey, NYC